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"We researched the market thoroughly before appointing mh-p. They are the experts on parish council websites. I have worked in the business world developing new websites and mh-p are up there with the best. We found they worked closely, creatively and patiently with us to create a differentiated site. They are highly responsive and turn round new inputs exceedingly swiftly...

Accessing Planning Applications is a straightforward link that makes the Parish Council site highly relevant and accessible for our constituents. The RSS Feed and Live News features give the important option of instant news and updates, which are a timely and important communication tool.

Overall, I have found mh-p highly professional and personable in bringing our ancient parish painlessly online"

David Williams
Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council


"Right from the start, mh-p impressed us with their efficient, professional manner and more importantly, their understanding of the needs of a Parish Council website. The end result was a unique and informative website for both parishioners and those potential visitors to Princes Risborough.

The Live News feature is a great tool and together with the speed at which mh-p update the site, we are able to provide a very pro-active approach to what is happening in the Town.

Princes Risborough Town Council can 100% recommend using the services of mh-p.

Thank you for providing us with a website that we can be proud of! "

Kirsty Pope
Deputy Town Clerk
Princes Risborough Town Council


"The Ripley Town Council have used the company mh-p to design and build a web site.

The Council are very pleased with the unique site design as chosen by the Council and the site was built with ease and speed.

The site is updated almost immediately when we make any changes or additions and the "Last Page Updated" with its RSS Feed keeps everyone up to date on changes.

I can add news and details of events with the "Live News" facility very easily and I no nothing about building a web site.

The company have been very supportive with any help I have needed and I would recommend this company to anyone needing a web site."

Linda McCormick
Town Clerk
Ripley Town Council


"The Council, having decided that it needed a modern and relevant web site sought help and quotations from four suppliers all of whom had experience in local government sites.

Mike Henson provided by far the most efficient service. Not only was he acutely aware of the needs of local councillors he was also able to provide advice in a manner that was relevant and understandable to individuals whose own knowledge was, by definition, somewhat limited.

In pricing terms his quote was extremely competitive and the site was constructed on time and on budget.

It is built in such a way as to make it easy to update and add matters of local interest….but perhaps more importantly it captures the essence of the community

Lane End Parish Council have no hesitation in recommending Mike Henson to any organisation wanting an expert and highly personal service".

Michael Detsiny
Lane End Parish Council


"The feedback from the village about the look and feel of the site has been really positive. Residents are making good use of the planning applications page and its very helpful to the Clerk and Council to have this updated automatically. We can see from the statistics that are sent through that it is a popular and well-used web site."

Joanna Botha
Clerk to Great Milton Parish Council


"Waltham Parish Council had been looking to have its own website for some time. We looked at various options, but with the continuing overload of work for the Parish Clerk we decided to outsource the design and management of the website.

After looking at various organisations it was agreed to hand this over to Mike Henson at mh-p. He was extremely helpful in giving the Waltham Parish Council something unique to ourselves, it was not a mirror copy of any other Parish Council website. He incorporated the essence of the village by using photos of local attractions in the header.

Now a year on we fully appreciate the decision we made was the right one. The ease in which information is relayed and the planning application process being updated automatically for us leaves the Clerk time to concentrate on other issues.

However the Clerk does update the live feed, which is extremely quick and easy to access, and can be done whilst having a coffee break.

Many thanks to Mike for all his help and advice, which this Parish Council found invaluable."

Mrs Lesley Leach
Parish Clerk / Burial Board Clerk
Waltham Parish Council


"We debated long  and hard about a PC Website  as we are a small Parish with a small precept.  We are absolutely delighted with the results, achieving many more hits than we ever dreamed of. The simplicity of the site, accessibility of information, prescient live news updates which keep it fresh all go towards making it a site which people seem to enjoy logging on to. mh-p have helped us from the start and I have no hesitation in recommending their services"

Simon Digby
Piddington and Wheeler End Parish Council


"mh-p have been great to work with in the the development of our website. They have been very patient and flexible in servicing our needs - including handling additional requirements halfway through the project. The instructions they have provided - for email set-up and use of the 'Live News' facility are extremely easy to follow and simple to understand. In addition, new additions to the site are displayed within a short time - a very reliable service."

"Website looks great, and works very well - fast to load and easy to navigate" is just one of the comments offered by our Chairman."

Eve Haskins
Clerk, Sandy Lane Parish Council


"Hughenden Parish Council is happy with the website provided by mh-p.  They thought long and hard about having a website in the first place and I, as Clerk, had very little knowledge of how they work.  Mike, however, managed to allay all our fears.  The website was set up quickly with a format agreed by the Council.  Changes and additions have been made since its inception and these have proved invaluable."

"The site is good to look at and easy to use and there is never is any delay in it being updated.  We use the live news system all the time now and this works very well."

Mrs Lynne Turner SILCM
Clerk of the Council
Hughenden Parish Council


"We found mh-p extremely helpful in advising and setting up our Parish Council website. We particularly like being able to add news easily with the News System."

Gloria Barclay
Clerk, Little Marlow Parish Council


"Heath & Holmewood Parish Council is very happy with its website which was set up very quickly and efficiently.

I particularly like the ease in which news items can be added to the Live News section.

Mike is always very quick to answer any questions I may have and is always extremely helpful."

Kay Steele
Parish Clerk
Heath & Holmewood Parish Council


We have had many compliments about our website and we have always been very pleased with the design and content. It is easy to navigate to find what you need i.e. planning applications and any new news is added very quickly. In all, a website to be proud of.

Vicki Smith
West Wycombe Parish Council