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Page Building

Once the Council has agreed the design for the site we will commence building the pages.

Your site will include all the necessary pages to ensure compliance with the current legislation:

* Homepage with welcome message, "Last Page Updated" and optionally "Live News"

* About Page where you describe the area, the parish and the work of the parish council

* Accounts holds your budget proposals, income and expenditure and Annual Return for each year

* Archive is a page that links to previous years minutes and (optionally) planning applications

* Contact Form which provides secure email to the clerk and (optionally) the councillors

* Councillors provides contact details for the members as well as district and county councillors

* Meetings shows your meeting dates for the year together with links to the agendas and minutes

* Disclaimer

* Google Map (basic version)

* Privacy Policy

* Publications is where your Freedom of Information Act documents are stored

* RSS Feed - instructions on the use of RSS and feed information

* Sitemap (A to Z)

* Sitemap (xml) (hidden)

and weekly statistical information.


Additonal Pages

You are not limited to these pages, you can add more if you wish.

Most council’s, who want to provide a resource for the parish, add pages for ‘Amenities’ and another for ‘Services’.

Amenities – what’s available in and around the Parish – often broken down into two pages for ‘Businesses’ and ‘Community/Social Groups’

Services - possibly broken down into sub-pages to cover the facilities and services that are owned and/or managed by the council.

Additional pages added to the website at the design stage are charged at £15.00 each.


Additional Bolt-On's include:

Standard Pages at £15.00 each
Live News at £70.00
Live Calendar at £150.00
Google Parish Boundary Map at £70.00
Email Accounts for all members at £25.00
Footpaths Map at £15.00
Photographic Gallery at £70.00
MemberZone at £150.00