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LIVE NEWS displays a column of news (and/or forthcoming events) on your homepage and links through to the News page to read the full article. Use it to quickly add news and details of events; you can even include a photograph if you wish. Live News also includes an RSS Feed.

To try LIVE NEWS for yourself go to the Live News Page.


LIVE CALENDAR automatically displays the details of events that are taking place that day. You need to click on a highlighted date to show events that are taking place in the futuire.

Try it for yourself. Click here to view the calendar and click here to add an event using the login "clerk" and the password "testing".

The Live Calendar would be sized and styled to compliment your website and is recommended to large, busy parish or town councils where events and activities take place on a daily basis. Smaller councils will find LIVE NEWS to be more than sufficient unless you're running a thriving village hall and need to publicise/track bookings.


LAST PAGE UPDATED is actually three facilities in one package.
1. It automatically places a list of the last pages/documents that have been updated or added to the site onto the homepage so visitors can see immediately what's new.
2. It automatically builds an list of all the pages and documents on the website and lists them alphabetically on the Sitemap Page.
3. It automatically generates an XML Sitemap which helps search engines to catalogue and index your site.
Most of our clients have seen the benefit of "Last Page Updated" and it's become "essential" rather than "desirable". Visit to see it working.
"Last Page Updated" includes an RSS Feed.

"Last Page Updated" is included free of charge.


PARISH BOUNDARY MAPS. We have to thank the good guys at Google for our other new facility which displays your parish boundary and pin-points (with photographs) up to ten places of interest on a Google Map.
If you'd like to see a live map please visit

The cost of a Google Parish Boundary Map is £70.00 + VAT


PHOTO GALLERY. We now have our own gallery to which you can upload and caption your own photographs which are laid out on the page as thumbnails which you can click to open them full size.

The cost of the photo gallery is £70.00 + VAT.


Under the Weekly/Autonomous Plan we visit your District or County website every Monday and find all the planning applications applicable to your parish for the previous week; this assumes your planning authority allows searches by ratification. We add these applications to your own planning page and provide links directly to the individual application. Clerks and Members find this facility very useful as well as the public who also like to keep abreast of who's doing what. You can see our Planning Service in action at

There are three plans to manage your planning applications page.

Ad-hoc - £15.00 per notification

Monthly - £120.00 per year

Weekly/Autonomous - £260.00 per year


Now you can upload all the documents that you wish to share with your members atthe same time without having to send numerous emails.

MemberZone is a highly secure system with six levels of security in order to keep your documents confidential. This is far more than a simple password protected webpage, in fact, it's not a webpage at all.

We are not providing any more information about MemberZone here as it is only available as a retro-fit.

Please contact us if you are an existing customer, or when your new website goes live and we will set it up for you.

MemberZone is free to councils on our Webmaster Service and charged at £150.00 + VAT to others