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It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their website meets all current legislation and guidelines. Because of this we don't recommend that parish councils "go it alone" or throw in their lot with another local website. Whilst the parish council will want to ensure value for money it still has a responsibility which could easily be undermined when the website is out of direct control. A guaranteed and continuous level of service must also be assured.

The first and basic level of compliance rests with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) who are responsible for laying down the guidelines. If a website fails their test its performance in other browsers may be problematic and it could well present problems with screen readers used by the partially sighted and the blind.

You can test any website for compliance at the W3C Validator which is located at

Simply enter the URL of the website you wish to check (say) and click on the Check button. If your chosen supplier's own site fails there's a good chance that any site they provide to you will fail also.

Do not assume that because a company has supplied other town and parish councils their product is safe, secure and compliant. Likewise the display of the W3C and CSS logos is not policed so some display them when their site or sites do not meet the required standard.

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