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We do not recommend any type of website that is managed by the user. This type of website is know as a Content Management System or CMS for short.

Many people don't realise that there are two types of website.

Choosing a supplier

Choosing a supplier is not easy because every supplier offers something slightly different so if you ask for costs or try to produce a tender document you end up comparing apples with oranges.

We are happy to work with any council, completely free of charge, to help construct a specification which they can send to prospective suppliers in order to obtain truly competitive costings.

However, before proceeding to that stage, the council needs to decide what type of website is required.


Type 1

Use a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to build your own pages and then update the site yourself. This is the type of website that is provided by all the main line suppliers.

* A CMS uses a template which is why all the websites from one supplier look a lot like others from the same company.

* You never own a website created within a CMS and you're locked-in for life.

* You have to work within the constraints of the CMS.

* You pay an annual fee to rent the CMS but still have to find the time/money to build and update it yourself.

* CMS websites are not as secure as ordinary sites because they have a database which can be "hacked".


Type 2

Are built in the traditional manner using html and CSS and is what we supply.

* There is no template, the website is designed and built completely to your specification.

* You will own your website and can move it to another supplier at any time.

* There are no constraints on what can be added to the website in the future, the framework can be expanded infinitely.

* You pay an intial fee to have the website designed and built and then a small annual fee for us to update it for you.

* Manually built websites do not have a database so there's nothing to hack and nothing to go wrong.


Legal Issues

Selecting the supplier for your website is probably the most important decision that most parish councils will ever make. Having decided what type of website you want you then need to ensure that they and their product meet both National and Local Government Legislation.

  • 1. Be hosted by a UK company on servers located within the UK
  • 2. The website must be under the total control of the council.
  • 3. The website must comply with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • 4. The website must comply with the Data Protection Act
  • 5. The website must comply with the Freedom of Information Act - Model Publication Scheme 2008

In addition the website itself should meet the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).