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Based in the heart of the Chilterns we provide website design, development and hosting for parish councils.

The company was originally established in 1987 as a staging company for conferences, product launches and exhibitions, then, out of client demand, we diversified into video and then multimedia production mainly concentrating on training and in particular the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

In 2000 we saw a niche in the website market for local authorities who wanted a website but did not have the expertise to build their own and whilst there are a lot of website design companies throughout the UK, their fee structure is aimed at the business market and they're unfamiliar with parish councils, the way they operate and their limited finances.

Further research showed that the handful of companies involved in the parish council website market were producing sites built on a Content Management System (CMS) that tended to lack personality and impose additional work on the Clerk to update, so a council pays a fee for the use of the CMS but still has to find the time and money to do the work themselves; this, to us, seems quite bizarre. was born with a mandate to make unique websites available to even the smallest parish council/meeting at an economical cost and without imposing more work on the clerk.

Although we do provide websites built into a Content Management System the bulk of our work is in producing unique, bespoke website designs which reflect the community they serve, so we do place emphasis on photographs because your website will receive visits from people all over the UK and often from other countries. Parish Council websites are, or should be, a good source of local information for anyone considering a move to the area as well as providing a means of communication between the residents and the council.

As a Parish Council we all know that you have a responsibility to not only obtain best value, but also to ensure suppliers are competant, reputable and fully conversant in local government and the legal implications of the service they provide. When looking for a company to manage your website it's important that you find one that is experienced, is a full-time business, has a good track record and is well established.